Residents Christmas Party 2019

On Tuesday 3rd December, staff held a Christmas party for residents to celebrate the start of the festivities by eating lots, getting merry and laughing with others.

We had DJ Chris who often entertains at The Hangar come down for a quiz where students were able to win bottles of their favourite alcohol and chocolates, karaoke which was very entertaining and even a casino which kept residents glued!

Events like this are really important to the residents and staff at Farrier House. It gives residents a chance to catch up with their fellow flat mates, including those they may not see as often. It also gives staff a chance to listen to residents with their feedback in a more relaxed, fun environment.

We know that students can spend hours a day in their rooms,studying hard and may go for days without having real conversations. These events are so important as communication and friendships are crucial to ones well-being and mental health.

Thank you to those who attended! Check out some photos which were taken by Andrew who is a student at Worcester University.