How purpose-built student accommodation delivers more than a place to live...

How purpose-built student accommodation delivers more than a place to live…

Text quoted from Estate Gazette.

“Those in purpose-built student accommodation are 26% more likely to report top grades in their first year, and the trend continues throughout, compared with those living in halls of residence. Ultimately better accommodation results in better grades.”

What is meant by purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA)?

Farrier House is a leading PBSA in Worcester. With our communal facilities and dedicated team of staff, we are more than a ‘student house’. Everything in Farrier House has been purpose built to suit our hardworking students, from the TV rooms to the rooftop garden.

It is widely recognised that students are a vulnerable group in society with the pressure of achieving good grades and being away from home which is why it is so important that the students are happy in their accommodation. “Purpose-built student accommodation providers therefore need to proactively consider their customers’ needs and how wellness can tie into student accommodation”.

“As a market advocate, we recently conducted a survey of more than 1,100 students, aiming to identify how quality PBSA can support them. The results were striking. Throughout every year of university, living in PBSA makes for better grades and wellbeing.

The UK’s global reputation for educational excellence is long established, as evidenced by The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2019 which includes even UK universities in the top 50” – The University of Worcester has been shortlisted in six categories of these prestigious awards.

We are dedicated to continually listening to and meeting student’s needs. What would you desire in your student accommodation if you had the choice?


Farrier House - Student Pizza Party

Pizza Lunch for Our New Overseas Students

Pizza Lunch for Our New Overseas Students

Held an impromptu lunch today to welcome our overseas students to Farrier House and talk more about Worcester and what our lovely city has to offer.

Moving to a different country can seem daunting so we like to encourage students to engage with each other and attend social events held by staff. 😊🍕

Pizza lunch Worcester students